Kinne Demolition and Earth Moving has been in business since 1977 providing top quality demolition and earthwork. We serve clients in wide range of industries with small as well as large projects in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas.





Why Kinne?


Reason 1 - History


Kinne Demolition is proud to have served Tucson communities for over 30 years. Our brand is well-know among local private and public contractors as affordable, quick, thorough, and safe licensed service provider.




Reason 2 - People


In the Employees section of this website you can find our dedicated team that makes our existance possible.




Reason 3 - Reputation


We have numerous repeated customers that will be willing to share their experience with Kinne Demolition. Please refer to References page. We also have a record of no accidents on the job cites.




Reason 4 - Affordability


We own all the equipment used in demolition and have long-stading relationships with supplemental businesses. Thus, we are able to offer prices that are significantly below those offered by our competition. 

Thank you for visiting our website!!!

      - Frank Terzoni


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